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Re: sending notebooks as attatchments with microsoft OutlookExpress...

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  • Subject: [mg23613] Re: [mg23568] sending notebooks as attatchments with microsoft OutlookExpress...
  • From: "Atul Sharma" <atulksharma at>
  • Date: Wed, 24 May 2000 02:16:13 -0400 (EDT)
  • Organization: McGill University
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Although it would be nice to be completely smooth, I found that the process
worked much better if I ran the notebook through MacLink Plus (or the
equivalent Windows program), so at least the same ASCII conventions and line
breaks were being adhered to.


Atul Sharma MD, FRCP(C)
Pediatric Nephrologist,
McGill University/Montreal Children's Hospital
Jacqueline Zizi wrote in message <8g9nbc$mks at>...
>>> I could, for instance install Eudora; but I don't want to do
>>> all that without hearing that it solves my problem.
>I sent, with my Mac, quite a lot, more that some hundred, of Mathematica
>Notebooks attached using Eudora or Netscape and this works well. No problem
>for the notebook itself that can be
>opened from inside Mathematica whatever plateform (MAC, PC or Unix) that
>the recipient uses.
>Some pb might occurs in the denomination of files when sent attached.  If
>you are using a Mac for instance you might don't like using extension like
>"file. something" and you send just "file"
>This occurs for example in a book if you want that your heading will be the
>title of your chapter and also will have the same name than the file. For
>example you have a chapter called "Introduction" which is  the file:
>notebook called "Introduction".  In the headings you get by default
>"Introduction" and page number and this goes straight away. No time for you
>to do that and nothing to bother about. Very easy to manage and find
>information in all your 500 hundred pages using that kind of doing, of
>course. But you don't want to get "Introduction.txt" all along the headings
>of your pages of introduction, do you?
>For some reason, that I did not like to look for, because not due to
>Mathematica, it happens that on PC, following which kind of Bill Stuff you
>are using, the file that you send with the name "file" will became
>"file.txt" against your willing. So if you are opening it you get in your
>headings unexpected "file.txt " instead of "file"
>It might happens that for the same kind of reasons, some palette will not
>pop up when clicking on others.
>Hand changing the names is tedious if you have hundred files and brings  a
>lot of surprises in Bill world. For example we, French people use a lot of
>accents. It happened that I sent with my Mac, 2 different chapters of a
>book: one was called "Developpements en Serie" the other one
>"Developpements Limites". Believe me that the files that recieved the
>recipient was understandable with no readable accents.  Even more there was
>tildes in the names of files! Nothing to do with what was sent. Impossible
>to know which is which from the names given by Bill Stuff.
>No problems of this kind using Mac to Mac. So, from my point of view, it's
>not the transfer to blame but the operating system of the recipient, in the
>above case, the PC's world one.
>So don't hesitate, don't use any more Bill Stuff and you will save a lot of
>problems then a lot of time.
>Jacqueline Zizi
>Jacqueline Zizi

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