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Syntax errors in autogenerated packages

Has anyone else encountered syntax errors when using Needs[...] to read into
Mathematica (v4.1, Windows) a package created automatically from a master
notebook using AutoGeneratedPackage?  I know the basic mechanism is working,
because the *.m file is saved to disk together with the master *.nb file and
looks OK.  Unfortunately, when I read the *.m file into a new notebook using
Needs[...] I get spurious error messages and the load is Aborted.  A typical
error message is

"a[" cannot be followed by "[1, 1, 2]]"

although this is normal Mathematica syntax and causes no trouble in the

When I  examine the *.m file, there's nothing obviously amiss.  I searched
the MathGroup Archive for AutoGeneratedPackage and Needs but couldn't find
anything relevant.

Thanks for any help.


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