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Re: coordinates form 3Dplot/Densitygraphics


cpd = ClipboardNotebook[];

Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 2Pi}];

- click on the cell holding the picture
-with Control key held down click on some points on the curve
- save (Control, S)
- get the coordinates of the clicked points

coords = NotebookGet[cpd][[1, 1, 1]];

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"Bernd Brandt" <bernd at> wrote in message
news:9hs0f6$bqo$1 at
> Dear group
> With "Get Graphic Coordinates" we can get the coordinates of any plot.
> Is it possible to pass the valuepair displayed in the status line
> directly to a function?
> This would be very nice for 3D or DenisityPlots:
> Get Coordinates gives the {x,y} pair, this is passed directly to a
> function which calculates the z value and then prints the {x,y,z}
> values in the status line.
> How could I pass the coordinates displayed in the status line directly
> to a function?
> Regards,
> Bernd

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