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Re: Names[] for definitions in the current window/notebook?


there is no list of definitions in the current notebook.
There is only a a list of definitions in your current
kernel session. If you have more than one notebook
evaluated in one kernel session the kernel known nothing
about notebooks, it's file names ...
You can create a context explicit in every notebook
you use and look for the graphics data in that context.


Louis Theran wrote:
> Jens-Peer Kuska <kuska at> writes:
> > you can export the notebook as TeX to get "EPS" figures from
> > the graphics cells.
> I don't need or want to do this.
> > But you question is not clear.
> I want to export everything I define with a line like:
>   FigureBlahBlahBlah = SomethingThatGeneratesGraphics[]
> into an EPS file called FigureBlahBlahBlah.EPS.  There's nothing
> magical about the prefix "Figure"; it's just a convention I use, since
> the postscript files end up as figures in hand-typed LaTeX documents.
> Note that the code
>   Export[#<>".EPS", ToExpression[#], "EPS"] & /@ Names["Figure*"]
> does this _almost_ correctly.  Why only almost?  From the unclear
> question:
> > > But I can't figure out how to access the list of definitions in the
> > > current notebook.
> In the code above, the anonymous function will get mapped over any
> symbol in the system that happens to start with "Figure" (right?). I'm
> only interested in definitions that appear explicity in the current
> window.
> This isn't a show-stopper, just a minor annoyance.
> ^L

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