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Re: Extract Elements from a List?

"Robert Schuerhuber" <robert.schuerhuber at> wrote in message
news:9efk6g$1d8 at

> i need to extract elements from a list, starting th element number x and
> than taking every yth element, eg:
> with
> list={a,b,c,d,e,f,g,h,i,j}
> start=3;
> step=2:
> i'd like to get the list
> {c,e,g,i}.



   Take[list, {m, n, s}] gives elements m through n in steps of s.

So with,


we get

Take[lst, {start, -1,2}]


For negative integers the position n is the -n th, counting left with the
last position given by -1.

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