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Re: passing functions as parameters

On Thursday, April 25, 2002, at 03:00 AM, GoranG wrote:

> How would one pass one function to another?
> I need to be able to define functions in the following fashion:
> f[x_]:=x^3-x+1
> g[x_,y_,somefunction?]:=If[somefunction[x]>somefunction[y],"Done","Waiting"
> )
> to be able to later on evaluate
> g[2.,3., f?]
> I have tried couple of paths with no success and would really like to
> avoid using global function in function g.
> All the best...
f[x_] := x^3-x+1

g[x_,y_,f_] := If[f[x] > f[y],"Done","Waiting"]

Will work.  Note that f can be any function ie., g[2,3,Sin] will do what 
you expect.



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