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ReadList of Data containing "nan"

Hi, MathGroup,

from a measuring instrument, I get an tab-delimited ASCII file of records, each consisting of five numbers.

Up to now, I used to read those records like this (I deliberately skip the first two lines):

       liste={};				(* start with an empty list *)
       Read[fil,String];		(* skip the first and the   *)
       str=Read[fil,String];		(* second line in the file  *)
             zeile=ReadList[strstr, Real, WordSeparators->{"\t"}];
      (* now liste contains all the data from the file *)

This works fine for me. Now I am getting results, which have lines, where one or more of the numbers in a line are "nan" because of an out-off-range condition of the measuring instrument. I want to read those lines nevertheless, but I want the "nan"-items be represented by Indeterminate in Mathematica.

Which is the best way to read all the data simultaneously converting the figures "nan" to Indeterminate in Mathematica?

kind regards

Dipl.-Math. Adalbert Hanszen

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