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not scalable graphics

Dear Mathgroup,

I am trying to generate non scalable graphics (the object dimensions are 
ABSOLUTE and do not change with the image size) just like the arrows in the 
Graphics`Arrow` package. See the arrows in the following help browser 

    	    Table[Arrow[{0, 0}, x {Sin[x], Cos[x]},
          	    HeadScaling -> Absolute],
     	  {x, 0, 2 Pi, .3}]
    	], PlotRange -> All]

What is the right way to do it. I tried all I could from the built-in 
function and from the add-ons but I have the feeling that the answer lies in 
the Postscript[] function. Am I right? Anybody's got a hint?

Thanks very much for your appreciated help.


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