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Re: Factor, Expand. Daytime Hours.

Matthias.Bode at wrote:

> The question "what yields the factorization of a^2 + b^2" is not
> far-fetched.
> How can I coax MATHEMATICA into giving: (a - I*b)*(a + I*b)?
> Are there more "simple" solutions of the same structure (... - ...)*(... +
> ...) or some wizardry like (... + or - ...)^t, where t is some composite
> expression ?

In[1]:= Factor[a^2 + b^2, GaussianIntegers->True]

Out[1]= (a - I b) (a + I b)

In[2]:= Factor[a^2 + b^2, Extension->{I}]

Out[2]= (a - I b) (a + I b)


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