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XML and the DTDs and etc.

I'm trying to get a handle on Mathematica's XML capabilities.  I'm finding a few 
things to be a bit confusing.  One of these is where the really is.  Another 
point of confusion is how exactly the rendering in the browser is expected 
to take place.  If needs be, I can spin up my own CSS.  Does Mathematica provide 
CSS for MathML or NBML?  I've character mentioned entity references before, 
but I still haven't found an answer. What I've found here seems 
inconsistent with what Mathematica chose for the character entity reference for an 
imaginary number:

This is what Mathematica produced for a complex number:

<b><p class="Input"><math xmlns=''>
   <mtext> </mtext>

   <mtext> </mtext>
    <mtext> </mtext>

    <mtext> </mtext>


If I understand the, the imaginary 
number symbol should be &#2111; which is a black letter capital 'I'.  That 
doesn't seem correct to me. I'm currently stumbling around in here looking 
for a possible clue as to what I should expect:

Has anybody worked with this?


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