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Desciphering Solve[] output.

Solve posts some funny parameters when i solve a set of 6 simultaneous eqns. eg.

x1 == 1.*(X - 1.*Bx*Cos(\[Psi]) + Bz*Cos(\[Psi])*Cot(B)*Sec(A) - 
          Sin(B) + (1.*Bz*m1*Cos(B)*Cos(\[Psi]))/(1.*Cos(A)*Cos(B) - 
              1.*m1*Cos(A)*Sin(B)) + (1.*Bx*Cos(A)*Cos(B)*
              Cos(\[Psi]))/(1.*Cos(A)*Cos(B) - 1.*m1*Cos(A)*Sin(B)) + (1.*b1*
              Cos(A)*Sin(B))/(1.*Cos(A)*Cos(B) - 1.*m1*Cos(A)*Sin(B)) + (1.*....

what does the 1. mean????? I also occasionally get a 0. 

many thanks,
Ryan H

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