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Re: Just trying to import an image

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  • Subject: [mg44632] Re: Just trying to import an image
  • From: Bob Harris <nitlion at>
  • Date: Tue, 18 Nov 2003 06:42:06 -0500 (EST)
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Does anyone here have additional ideas on this?

Since it appears there will be no way to get mathematica to load a .gif
image on my system, what other options do I have to load in an image so I an
try doing some image processing on it?  I am capable of writing a simple C
program to convert the image into some other format.  For example, I could
convert it to a one-byte per pixel gray level image, with no other
information in the file.  If I did that, how might I load it into

I'm asking here because wolfram customer service won't help me.  I really
would like to do image processing with this package.  Please help me if you

Bob H

> From: Bob Harris <nitlion at>
To: mathgroup at
> Organization: Steven M. Christensen and Associates, Inc and MathTensor, Inc.
> Newsgroups: comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica
> Date: Fri, 14 Nov 2003 08:12:40 +0000 (UTC)
> Subject: [mg44632] Re: Just trying to import an image
> Yas wrote:
>> Maybe put the path to the conversion executables to your path via
>> AppendTo[$Path, 
>> "Path_To_Conversion_Executables_in_proper_syntax_for_your_platform"]
> Thanks for the idea.  Have now tried that, but get the same error message.
> Am patterning my path syntax after what is already in the $path variable.
> Pretty sure I specified the right path, but in case not, I moved the file
> (gif.exe) to top level of disk and tried specifying that.  Same result.
>> I am surprised that the conversion filters can't be found.
> Well, that makes two of us!  Am wondering if there is a customer service
> site I can post this issue for someone at wolfram.
> I suppose I can write a tiny app in C that will to convert my .gif image
> into something else mathematica could read without a converter.  Moot point
> now though.  The project was due today.  I ended up doing it in another system
> on
> campus.  One advantage I had hoped for, using mathematica, was that I have
> it at home and thus can accomplish something even when the school labs are
> closed from midnight to 8).  Plus I'm more familiar with Mathematica than
> another system, so once I got past the image load problem I was expecting to
> make
> faster progress.
> Thanks, in any case,
> Bob H
>> From: Yasvir Tesiram <yat at>
To: mathgroup at
>> Date: Wed, 12 Nov 2003 12:43:33 -0600
>> To: mathgroup at
>> Cc: Bob Harris <nitlion at>
>> Subject: [mg44632] Re:  Re: Just trying to import an image
>> Maybe put the path to the conversion executables to your path via
>> AppendTo[$Path, 
>> "Path_To_Conversion_Executables_in_proper_syntax_for_your_platform"]
>> If this works, you can make the change permanent in Preferences. I am
>> surprised that the conversion filters can't be found.
>> Yas
>> On Nov 12, 2003, at 7:01 AM, Bob Harris wrote:
>>> Howdy, Steven,
>>> Thanks for the idea.  But it seems that the problem is that Mathematica
>>> can't find the converter.  I've already figured out how to make it
>>> find the
>>> image.
>>> Bob H
>>>> From: "Steven Shippee" <slshippee at>
To: mathgroup at
>>> To: mathgroup at
>>>> Organization: Comcast Online
>>>> Newsgroups: comp.soft-sys.math.mathematica
>>>> Date: Tue, 11 Nov 2003 01:10:29 +0000 (UTC)
>>>> Subject: [mg44632]  Re: Just trying to import an image
>>>> To make it easy to debug, try putting the file (the "image") in a root
>>>> directory somewhere (of your "c" drive or your "d" drive), and also
>>>> ensure
>>>> it has no spaces in the file name, for example, use something like
>>>> c:\practice.jpg or c:\practice.bmp.
>>>> Then you could run the command
>>>> myimage=Import["c:\practice.jpg"];
>>>> and manipulate myimage from there.
>>>> Steven
>>>> shippee at
>>>> "Bob Harris" <nitlion at> wrote in message
>>>> news:bonnfg$h8i$1 at
>>>>> Howdy,
>>>>> Have an assignment in an computer vision class I'm taking.  Thought
>>>>> I'd
>>>> try
>>>>> fiddling around with it in Mathematica.  Have run into the second or
>>>>> third
>>>>> brick wall, just trying to bring an image into Mathematica.  Am in
>>>>> need of
>>>>> help.
>>>>> For starters, I found Import[] in the big book and tried it:
>>>>> Import ["vl100.gif"]
>>>>> The file vl100.gif is in the same directory as the mathematica
>>>>> notebook
>>>> that
>>>>> I launched.  But that seems not to be one of the places mathematica
>>>>> looks.
>>>>> So I just got a file not found error.  So be it.
>>>>> I figured there must be a way to convince mathematica to look for
>>>>> the file
>>>>> where e file is.  After stumbling around for a while in the book and
>>>>> in
>>>> the
>>>>> help browser, I finally found the SetDirectory command.  So looking
>>>>> at the
>>>>> format of file paths in $Path, I did
>>>>> SetDirectory["Kablooie:ClassesS:VisionS:Project4S"]
>>>>> which is the path to the directory containing the file.
>>>>> So then I tried
>>>>> Import ["vl100.gif"]
>>>>> again, and I get
>>>>> Experimental`RegisterConverter::noexe: Could not find the
>>>>> executable GIF.exe in any of { <<65>>, <<74>>, <<83>>, GIF.exe}.
>>>>> Now, I'm running this using mathematica for the Mac on a
>>>>> PowerMac
>>>> G3
>>>>> running OS 9.0.4.  Yes, I know I haven't upgraded in a while, but it
>>>>> sure
>>>>> seems like what I'm trying to do is supposed to work on my
>>>>> configuration.
>>>>> The error message suggests that it doesn't have the executable code
>>>>> to
>>>>> handle gif images.  I tried .pgm format and got the same result.
>>>>> Since
>>>> both
>>>>> are listed in the big book I figured it's pointless to try other
>>>>> formats.
>>>>> Those two should've worked.
>>>>> I did a search of my hard drive and I do find a gif.exe (and hdf.exe,
>>>>> jpeg.exe, pnm.exe, and tiff.exe) in the folder
>>>>> ... MathematicaS:SystemFiles:Converters:Binaries:PowerMac
>>>>> So it seems like it's got 'em, and it's just not looking for them.
>>>>> Can anyone point me toward a way to get this working?
>>>>> Thanks for any help,
>>>>> Bob H

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