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How can I submit the reference to a publication that used Mathematica?]]

 "Christos Argyropoulos M.D." <argchris at> wrote in message
 news:<blj54f$1ca$1 at>...

  >> Hi everyone,
  >> Maybe I am abusing the group here, but do you know how it is
 possible to
  >> submit a reference about a journal paper that used Mathematica to
  >> Mathematica Information Center ?

 Not an abuse at all.

 You may submit any Mathematica related items to
 Once the page of descriptive text is filled out, instructions
 for sending your notebook/article are given on the next page.

  >> In the old MathSource there was a "journal" section (and I think one
  >> be found at MIC) but I do not know how to do it.
  >> Is there a moderator, or WRI should be directly contacted?
  >> Christos Argyropoulos MD

 Ed Pegg Jr (me) is the moderator for the Mathematica Information Center.

 I would enjoy hearing about any nice Mathematica notebooks
 you might have, or of any articles we don't have listed.

 --Ed Pegg Jr, edp at,

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