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Re: What Happens to Garbage in Mathematica?


Share[expr] changes the way expr is stored internally, to try and
minimize \
the amount of memory used. Share[ ] tries to minimize the memory used to
store all expressions.

As long as no variable (like In[]/Out[]) point to the data the memory
is returned to the free memory and overwritten.


"Steven T. Hatton" wrote:
> What happens to the alocated memory of objects such as graphics primatives
> when their variable are assigned new values?  For example, suppose I have a
> thousand pairs of triple which I use to create a thousand Line objects. If
> I then change the values of all the tripples, and create new Lines
> assigning them to the same variables I used to store the original Lines,
> what happens to the memory that held the original lines?
> Steven

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