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Re: Problem with AltGr key on german keyboard


I have the same problem with Mathematica 5.0.1 on Fedora
(on Red Hat it worked fine): the brackets *are* produced, but
always with a beep!

I wrote to Technical Support, and they suggested as a workaround
to redefine the KeyEventTranslation so that the brackets can
be produced with Mod2:


I can now input brackets with e.g. Super_R ("Windows key") + 7
(no beep!),
but I am *not* happy with this solution...

Any suggestions?
Or does anybody know why it worked with Red Hat but not on Fedora?


Boris wrote:
> I have Mathematica 5 installed on FreeBSD 5.2.1 with Linux
> compatibility enabled. On german keyboards, 'AltGr' and a number key
> must be pressed to get [] or {}. Each time I press 'AltGr',
> Mathematica beeps claiming that I use an undefined key. Still, it
> does produce [] or {}. Is there a way to tell Mathematica about the
> meaning of AltGr?

Sometimes the delete key is your greatest friend. -- Steve Martin

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