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Re: power spectrum

George Szpiro wrote:
> If I have a string of data - let us say a time series of 200 observations - 
> how can I find the power spectrum? I did Fourier[list] but have no idea what 
> the output means.
> Thank you for any help (please to my email address:
> george at
> George Szpiro

I think the power spectra is just the Magnitude squared of the fourier 

So, do something like this:

data = Table[Random[], {i, 200}];
ck = Fourier[data];
ck = Abs[ck];
ck = ck^2;
ListPlot[data, PlotJoined -> True];
ListPlot[ck, PlotJoined -> True]

This is a plot of the 'energy' in each frequency.

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