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Import Function on Version 5.

To MathGroup and Bob Hanlon,

My description of the problem was incorrect. It appears that the problem
lies in how

Import works in Version 5.1. Examples are;

1 - Import of the data.csv files in 5.01 using
ConversionOptions->{"Numeric"->False} works fine, but when I run it on 5.1 I
do not get the same formatted data records. It should bea dimensioned
14000x4 instead it

is dimensioned ilformed as 14000, without it all being strings. 2 - This
will cause Intersection of the common index not to work because I cannot use
data[[All,1]]. 3 - Has there been a Version 5.1 change in the Import
function and wher do I get the details?

Happy Holidays

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From: Bob Hanlon [ <mailto:hanlonr at> mailto:hanlonr at]
To: mathgroup at
Subject: [mg53132] Re: [mg53104] Intersection Problem With Version 5.1


5.1 for Mac OS X (October 25, 2004)


{a, d}

Works fine.

Bob Hanlon


> From: "Benedetto Bongiorno" <bbongiorno at>
To: mathgroup at

> Date: 2004/12/23 Thu AM 07:59:35 EST

> To: mathgroup at

> Subject: [mg53132] [mg53104] Intersection Problem With Version 5.1



> Fellow MathGroup Members,


> I have a note book created in Version 5.01 that the Intersection

> function works fine. I run the exact note book under Version 5.1 and

> the Intersection function does not work in that the result is {}.


> Has anybody had a similar experience?




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