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MathGroup Archive 2004

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Re: Mathematica is destroying my sanity....

  • To: mathgroup at
  • Subject: [mg53176] Re: Mathematica is destroying my sanity....
  • From: Antti Penttilä
  • Date: Tue, 28 Dec 2004 06:30:15 -0500 (EST)
  • Organization: University of Helsinki
  • References: <cqbhb8$4kv$>
  • Sender: owner-wri-mathgroup at

Todd Allen wrote:
> Hi everyone (and Happy Holidays!)
>      I am trying to parse a 450 Mb text file for
> certain important information and then would like to
> save the smaller, parsed information in a suitable
> file for later importation and futher analysis.  I
> have made some progress, but have stumbled yet again.
> Below is the situation:
> In[1]:=
> SetDirectory["D:\\"]
> In[2]:=
> blastn=OpenRead["Cpara-SelfBlast120804(2).txt"]
> In[3]:=
> subblastn=ReadList[blastn,Record,RecordSeparators\[Rule]{{"Value"},{">"}}];
> In[7]:=
> temp1=Table[StringSplit[subblastn[[i]]],{i,1,Length[subblastn]}];
> In[9]:=
> temp2=Table[Partition[temp1[[i]],3],{i,1,Length[temp1]}];
> ***The output for temp2 is a nicely organized set of
> sublists:
> Out[10]=
> {{CEST-01-A-01,1120,0.0},{CEST-17-A-06,985,0.0},{CEST-04-E-04,52,
> 3e-07},{CEST-28-H-03,50,1e-06},{CEST-46-G-10,48,5e-06},{CEST-37-B-11,48,
> 5e-06},{CEST-21-D-05,48,5e-06},{CEST-21-A-11,48,5e-06},{CEST-21-A-10,48,
> 5e-06},{CEST-19-G-12,48,5e-06},{CEST-13-F-07,48,5e-06},{CEST-10-E-05,48,
> 5e-06},{CEST-04-E-08,48,5e-06},{CEST-60-C-12,46,2e-05},{CEST-59-D-02,46,
> 2e-05},{CEST-29-A-06,46,2e-05},{CEST-26-H-10,46,2e-05},{CEST-25-F-11,46,
> 2e-05},{CEST-20-C-11,46,2e-05},{CEST-19-F-10,46,2e-05},{CEST-11-E-06,46,
>     2e-05}}

At this point, all the elements in the list are strings. Before exporting, you should convert strings that represent numbers into numbers. You can do this by applying ToExpression[] to simple integers or decimal numbers like "46" or "1.3". For the notations like "5e-06" you could use functions like Read[StringToStream[ "5e-06"], Number]. Another way is to explicitely tell the ReadList[]-command what it should read from one line, e.g. ReadList[blastn,{Word,Word,Number}].

   Antti Penttilä       Antti.I.Penttila at

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