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Re: Re: typesetting fractions

I don't think your pointer to Default FormatType for TextInLine is 
contrary to what I claimed.  The option for "TextInline" for 
CommonDefaultFormatTypes does not offer any separate "display math" 
style such as I described, just the opportunity to substitute a new 
format type that one defines.

Also, the issue is not one of inline math in a text cell vs. math in a 
NumberedEquation or similar cell.  A single text cell ought, it seems to 
me, to be able to include both inline math, that is, math embedded right 
into the text paragraph, AND separate lines of math displayed -- still 
part of the same paragraph (even in the middle of a paragraph), just 
like in real math typography.  Of course Mathematica DOES allow this, 
but in order to make built-up fractions have their numerators and 
denominators larger in the in-line math, one needs either to define and 
use a new FormatType, as you suggest, or else apply the obscure 
ScriptSizeMultipliers, as suggested in a separate reply by John Fultz.

Paul Abbott wrote:
> In article <bua2v1$ild$1 at>,
>  Murray Eisenberg <murray at> wrote:
>>An underlying difficulty is that there is no separate notion of "display 
>>  math" -- mathematical expressions displayed on separate lines -- as 
>>opposed to math within normal paragraphs of text.  This may be an 
>>unfortunate front-end design limitation.
> Are you sure? You can individually control the Default FormatType for 
> TextInline which, by default is set to TraditionalForm. And for "display 
> math" (e.g. NumberedEquation cells in some StyleSheets), you can 
> independently control the formatting.
> Note that you can define your _own_ FormatType, not just be restricted 
> to InputForm, OutputForm, StandardForm and TraditionalForm. Defining a 
> FormatType from scratch is, of course, non-trivial but one can use 
> ParentForm to define a new FormatType that inherits formats from one of 
> the built-in FormatTypes.
> I hope to include an example of using ParentForm in the forthcoming 
> issue of The Mathematica Journal.
> Cheers,
> Paul

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