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Re: Re: typesetting fractions

You miss the whole point of the complaints about page-breaking. 
Evidently you've never used a REAL typesetting program like (La)TeX.

One wants the program to handle page breaks for printed material 
transparently, automatically -- normally FILLING a page to the bottom 
margin of typeset material.

Of course, one should still have the option to override the automatic 
processing -- e.g., to force an extra line onto a page, or to force a 
line or two to the next page (and accordingly add slight amounts of 
additional space between lines on the shortened page) to avoid a "widow".

And graphical content (or, for that matter, other particular kinds of 
cells) need to be able to "float".

Steve Luttrell wrote:
> You can control page breaks as follows:
> 1. Selecting a cell above or below the place where you want the page break.
> 2. Open up the Option Inspector (Ctrl Shift O in Windows).
> 3. Click down to Cell Options \ Page Breaking.
> 4. Select whatever page breaking options you want.
> Steve Luttrell
> "Bobby R. Treat" <drbob at> wrote in message
> news:bv000n$jb8$1 at
>>I couldn't agree more. I haven't even learned to control page breaks
>>-- and that needs to be COMPLETELY transparent.

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