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Re: Re: Re: Re: typesetting fractions

You were too modest: you didn't attribute authorship of Glue to yourself!

But perhaps it's time to revise the last sentence of the section "What 
This Is" in AboutGlue.nb:  "Maybe we'll get lucky with version 5.0."

Just as Version 5.0 is the "kernel version", we all hope, I guess, that 
Version 6.0 will be the "front end version".

Selwyn Hollis wrote:

> One can affect page breaks by adjusting the spacing between cells. This 
> is incredibly tedious to do with the Options Inspector, but there is a 
> palette named "Glue" (find it at MathSource) that lets you select a 
> whole page of heterogeneous cells and shrink or expand the between-cell 
> spacings. I've used it extensively, and it cuts the time needed to 
> page-break a 50 page document from several hours down to about an hour 
> (for me anyway---I'm rather picky).

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