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Re: Simple Module Code

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  • Date: Fri, 23 Jul 2004 05:59:28 -0400 (EDT)
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>Subject: [mg49541] [mg49510] Simple Module Code
>Does anyone know why the following code would not work inside a module?
>list = AppendTo[list, data];
>here's the exact code
>splitData[data_, list_, i_] := Module[{},
>Print["In Split Data ", i];
>If[data[[i,1]]==1, list = AppendTo[list, data[[i, 2]]]];
>Print["Length of list is: ", Length[list]];
>which is called by:
>Do[splitData[data, list, i], {i, 1, Length[data]}]
>It complains about to many recursions, yet on the command line alone,
>list = AppendTo[list, data];
>works just fine?

There may be *lots* of reasons why your code might fail 
(and BTW, your example list = AppendTo[list, data] might fail as well).

A most obvious reason is that in your Module code "list" appears at the lhs, but this is the _evaluated_ second argument of splitData, which most often happens not to be something that can be assigned to. 

To give you a reasonable answer, you should supply (at least one, perhaps simplified) application case that doesn't work.


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