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Re: exporting the values of evaluated functions

On 16 Jun 2004, at 17:54, Feleki Zsolt wrote:

> Dear Mathforum!
> I have a complicated function defined by the
> integration of another function.
> Plotting the former function using Evaluate is no
> problem, but it is not possible to see or export
> the values of the function explicitly.
> Since Mathematica plots the function, it surely
> has to calculate it, so I am sure there must be a
> way to see also the values that he calculates.
> How?
> Bye, Zsolt Feleki
> Doktorand
> Hochbautechnik/ Professur für Bauphysik
> ETH Zürich

Probably the easiest way is as seen in this example:




{{{1.00000025, 1.0000005000000625}, {1.2434019494374948, 
1.5460484078649623}, {1.5088527991562422, 2.276636769521627},
   {1.7581561980312317, 3.0911132166756357}, {1.9979104466249689, 
3.9916461527331824}, {1.99999975, 3.9999990000000625}}}

Andrzej Kozlowski
Chiba, Japan

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