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Re: 3D plotting problem

Bill Rowe <readnewsciv at> wrote in message news:<cm22fs$ggj$1 at>...
> On 10/30/04 at 3:47 AM, Henning.Heiberg-Andersen at (Henning
> Heiberg-Andersen) wrote:
> >I find myself unable to make a 3D plot of the atomic 2p orbital
> >f_z(2p,x,y,z;a)=z*Exp[-a*Sqrt[x^2+y^2+z^2]].

Taking f_z=1, x^2+y^2 = r^2 for rotational symmetry, it seems possible
in a limited z interval due to sqrt and log.

a = 1 ; r = Sqrt[ (Log[z]/a)^2 - z^2];
ParametricPlot3D [{r Cos[th], r Sin[th], z}, {z, -1, 1}, {th, 0, 2
Pi}, PlotPoints -> {23, 21}]

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