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Simplify, Condition, Assuming and SetDelayd

I'm write my Norm function with 

... (etc)
DoubleBracketingBar[ z_ ] := Abs[z] /; Element[ z,
Complexes ]; 
DoubleBracketingBar[ v_ ] := Sqrt[v . Conjugate[v]] /;
Element[ v, Vectors ]; 
... (etc)

Then, i'm try to evaluate

FullSimplify[DoubleBracketingBar[ z_ ]  == Abs[z], z
?¸ Complexes]

but do not work. (This is, the answer is not True)

Who can define a function like this that Simplify
recognize the domain of the definition?. Or ... where
are a more complete reference about Assuming works
(i.e.: Assuming do not examine the DownValues of evry
functions that try to simplify?)

Thank you in advance.


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