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Re: launching a kernel on a remote linux machine through ssh from a linux machine

Hi Walter,

I can't get this working either.  Here's what I learned, though.

The two little boxes under "Advanced Options" can be tested through 
normal tools.  The first box,
"-LinkMode Listen -LinkProtocol TCPIP -LinkOptions MLDontInteract"
is roughly equivalent to typing (on lamo)
(Does anyone know what integer MLDontInteract translates to?)

The second box is simply the SSH command.

The closest I came to getting this working was with the following 
sequence of events.  Maybe you can see what I'm doing wrong. 
Mathematica input is prefixed by "system:> "; shell input by "system>> 
"; notes/musings by "...".  Note that firewalling restricts the ports I 
can use; an available port number is designated as PORT1.

lamo:> link=LinkCreate["PORT1", LinkProtocol->"tcpip"]
.... Why does this command open up 2 ports??
.... LinkCreate["PORT1,PORT2"] gives me control over both...
lamo>> netstat -at
.... (Linux command) see that PORT1 is open for listening
lamo>> ssh -R PORT1:localhost:PORT1 username@fast
fast>> netstat -a -P tcp -f inet
.... (Solaris command) see that SSH opened PORT1 for forwarding
fast>> math
fast:> l=LinkConnect["PORT1", LinkProtocol->"tcpip"]
fast:> LinkWrite[l,"hello??"]
.... link is dead...
fast:> Exit
fast>> exit
lamo:> LinkClose[l]

Maybe a similar line of attack works?  If so, packaging up the correct 
steps into the format for the kernel dialog shouldn't be too hard.

The only useful newsgroup post I could find was
The page it refers to is gone, but I think it moved to
However, this information is for MS Windows from a few years ago.


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