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Re: problem with ExpectedValue[xx-x, PoissonDistribution[m],x]

I don't know the answer but one that you did not evaluate and
interestingly enough,  given the one that didn't work, worked....

ExpectedValue[x  x  - a x , PoissonDistribution[m], x]

Jerry blimbaum

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From: W Randolph Franklin [mailto:math at] 
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Subject: [mg50539] [mg50126] problem with ExpectedValue[xx-x,

(This is a repeat of my posting of Aug 5, since there were no replies,
and I am still interested in the answer.)

Why can Mathematica not evaluate 

ExpectedValue[x x  -  x, PoissonDistribution[m], x]


It can correctly evaluate all the following:

ExpectedValue[x x , PoissonDistribution[m], x]
ExpectedValue[x  , PoissonDistribution[m], x]
ExpectedValue[x  x  + x , PoissonDistribution[m], x] ExpectedValue[x  x
+ a x , PoissonDistribution[m], x]

Is it anticipating to think that I've found a Mathematica bug, in my
first hour of using Mathematica?  (If so, that's rather good for me and
new SW packages).


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