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Re: 3D graphics domain

Hi Richard,
Bobby just told me that I screwed up in my answer. The <= and >= have 
be replaced by =. How it happend, I can not tell. Sorry.
Do make it save and fast, I just include the notebook.

[Contact the author to get the notebook attachment - moderator]


Richard Bedient wrote:
> Thanks to Bob and Dan for helping me get this far. Again, I've exhausted
> my Mathematica knowledge along with anything I can find in the Help
> files.  I now need to take the function they found for me and graph it
> in 3D over a restricted domain. Here's the problem:
> Graph the function
> f(x,y) = -64*x + 320*(x^2) - 512*(x^3) + 256*(x^4) + 20*y - 64*x*y +
> 64*(x^2)*y - 4*(y^2) 
> over the domain:
> y <= 4*x*(1-x)
> y >= 4*x*(1 - 2x)
> y >= 4*(x - 1)*(1 - 2x) 
> Thanks for any help.
> Dick

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