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Re: Recommendations for a programming book?

I think you are a bit hard. There is only one input to generate by
clicking on it somewhere in the file, otherwise, everything is
generated automatically by executing the cells. There are no
congratulations to receive to end up with a working help file.

I am simply impressed by how much you get by buying  only one of these
books. And now that on top of this Michael provides us with a notebook
to generate the help files while explaining all the way what happens,
I can simply be more impressed than I was when I got my first
guidebook. These books were simply what I was personnally waiting for
to use Mathematica in a more efficient way.



On Sun, 10 Apr 2005 10:58:50 +0000 (UTC), DrBob <drbob at>

>Subsection 8.2 (not 8.3) of Appendix B is somewhere near 30 pages of ins=
tructions and code, with many caveats about speed and memory. Congratulat=
ions to anyone who can get through all of it.
>It would be far more "helpful" if the help files were already built for =
>On Sat, 9 Apr 2005 03:55:26 -0400 (EDT), <mtrott at> wrote:
>> J=E1nos wrote:
>>> Can you show, how to include the material from Michael's DVDs into
>>> the Help of Mathematica, just as Wolfram's book is shown there ?
>> A few people asked me this question over the last few month.
>> While I think that consecutive first-time reading is easier in the
>> notebooks as they come by default with the GuideBooks, after reading
>> one might want to put the GuideBooks notebooks in the help browser
>> for easy look-up of terms. So I added a section to the GuideBooks
>> how this can be done.
>> Subsection 8.3 from the Appendix B (downloadable from
>> has all the code needed to put the GuideBooks in the
>> help browser. The GuideBooks will show up under Add-ond&Links
>> and all index entries of the GuideBooks will be recognized as
>> search terms in the help browser.
>> Michael

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