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Re: Re: Types in Mathematica

On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 01:41:14PM -0500, Paul Abbott wrote:
> In article <dmui9j$ml5$1 at>,
>  Sseziwa Mukasa <mukasa at> wrote:
> > The ever contrarian Larry Wall of course decided that Perl, the 
> > sin qua non of weak typing, would attempt to resolve that ambiguity.  
> > The low regard with which Perl programmers are generally held in the 
> > Computer Science community, a special circle of hell previously reserved 
> > for Visual Basic users, is a by product of that fact.

That 'special circle of hell' that you speak of is news to me. I've never 
heard of it; I know that perl has its detractors, but for every detractor, there's 
a fervent supporter on communities like slashdot ( and
digg (

As for an impression of mathematica users, I've never seen one (positive or negative).
Mathematica seems to be off this particular map.

As for weak typing, its not necessarily a bad thing - its a damn *productive* thing 
in the case of perl. That being said, optional, strong(er) typing wouldn't be that
bad an item to have. Perl6 is adding this, but its a long, slow slog; perl6 isn't expected
to be out for a couple of years, at the minimum.


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