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Access control on webMathematica

I want to restrict access to webMathematica (2.1) on a Sun running 
Solaris 10, Mathematica (5.2), Apache (2.0.52) and Tomcat (5.5.12).

Apache has access controls (various forms of authentication) so I think 
if I start Tomcat from Apache, I can control access to webMathematica.

The problem is I don't know how to start Tomcat from Apache and even if 
I did, I have not found enough information to describe how to proceed 
from there.

The Tomcat distribution, which I downloaded from the site suggested in 
the webMathematica documentation

has no tomcat.conf file, yet the Apache configuration file (httpd.conf) 
has a line (that is commented out) that includes tomcat.conf

Any pointers appreciated.
Dave K

Please note my email address changes periodically to avoid spam.
It is always of the form: month-year@domain. Hitting reply will work
for a couple of months only. Later set it manually. The month is
always written in 3 letters (e.g. Jan, not January etc)

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