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Re: Plotting just specific points

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>Subject: [mg54141] [mg54043] Plotting just specific points
>if i have the list:
>and in the ListPlot[a]  i want to show only the points wich 
>represent only the "2" while preserving the positions of the 
>"2" in the list, so i could focus my attention to a specific 
>wanted values, how could i do that or even better if it is 
>possible to plot the whole values of ListPlot[a] while making 
>the points "2" in red color as an example.

As for a simple example check:

b = MapIndexed[If[#1 == 2, Append[#2, #1], Unevaluated[Sequence[]]] &,
{{3, 2}, {4, 2}, {7, 2}, {8, 2}, {10, 2}}

ListPlot[a, PlotJoined -> True, 
  Epilog -> {Hue[0], PointSize[.02], Point /@ b}]

You may refine this on the selection criteria or formatting the points
reflecting further properties.

(Perhaps this appears to be a simpler selection:

b = Cases[Transpose[{Range[Length[a]], a}], {_, 2}]
{{3, 2}, {4, 2}, {7, 2}, {8, 2}, {10, 2}}

of course other variants exist)

Hartmut Wolf

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