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Re: Re: Why does Inverse[M] hesitate?

Yeah, I'd forgotten one of my pet peeves. Read Help for MatrixForm, and it says:

"MatrixForm acts as a â??wrapperâ??, which affects printing, but not evaluation."

But that's just not true.


On Sun, 20 Feb 2005 00:07:49 -0500 (EST), David Bailey <dave at> wrote:

> Skirmantas wrote:
>> The Inverse function sometimes calculates the inverse of a matrix
>> immediately, sometimes it does not. Try this example in Mathematica
>> 5.1:
>> A={{(1-g)-1,1},{-w P(1-g)/C,-1}}//MatrixForm
>> B={{0},{-P(w+1)}}//MatrixForm
>> I get
>> Out: Inverse[(expanded A)].(expanded B)
>> If I do just
>> A={{a,b},{c,d}}
>> B={{e},{f}}
>> Inverse[A].B
>> I get the final correct result.
> If you write A= <some matrix expression> //MatrixForm it displays
> beautifully, but the expression assigned to A actually contains the
> MatrixForm! You can check this by looking at FullForm[A].
> You should write A=<some matrix expression>;
> A//MatrixForm
> That way the expression containing the MatrixForm gets discarded.
> BTW - This example just goes to show how useful it is to include ACTUAL
> CODE with a query!
> David Bailey

DrBob at

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