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Re: Leading Zeros? (question rephrased)

In article <cv6sms$6p2$1 at>, AES <siegman at> 

> Instead I'm asking, suppose I type
>    y = {001,002,003}; 
> into a newly opened "virgin" instance of Mathematica, without defining 
> any special formats or rules before I do this.  
> Are the leading zeros that I type into this list captured and stored 
> somehow by Mathematica?  
> Or is the default response that they're ignored and lost forever?  (As I 
> believe they are.) 

They are lost but they are not ignored -- they are definitely parsed. 
You can use $PreRead to see this:

  $PreRead = (Print[FullForm[#]]; #) &;


(Note that the output you get depends upon whether the Input cell 
containing {001,002,003} is StandardForm, InputForm, or TraditionalForm).


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