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Re: Simplify[expr] bug?


and why do you write Simplify[] with [] and
Sin and Cos with round brackets ? Mathematica uses
for *all* functions, i. e., also Sin[] and Cos[]
square brackets, only if you are using the TraditionalForm[]
input round brackets for function arguments are allowed.


"Ken Tozier" <kentozier at> schrieb im Newsbeitrag 
news:crsvl1$dsi$1 at
> I'm a complete newbie to Mathematica and not a math whiz, but the
> results I got from the following two equations seems like bugs to me.
> Test 1:
> Running: Simplify[Sin(a) - Sin(b)]
> Yeilds: (a - b)Sin
> Looks like it's treating the function "Sin" like a coefficient
> Test 2:
> Running: Simplify[d/s + Cos(2*¹*v/s) - Cos(2*¹*(v - 1)/s)]
> Yeilds: (d + 2 Cos ¹) / s
> Mathematica completely factors out the variable "v" which is critical
> to the correct solution.
> Are these bugs or am I making an inadvertent syntax error.
> Thanks,
> Ken Tozier

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