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Re: FrameTicks bug

AES schrieb:
> Well, I guess it's not actually a bug, but . . . 
> FrameTicks -> {Automatic, Automatic, None, None}
> puts tick marks AND numerical labels on bottom and left edges.
> FrameTicks -> {None, Automatic, Automatic, None}
> puts tick marks and numerical labels on left edge, tick
> marks and NO NUMERICAL LABELS on top edge.
> How can I put the same Automatic numbers that would 
> have been created for the bottom edge, on the top edge?
First get the ticks for bottom and left side:

ft = Take[FrameTicks /. AbsoluteOptions[pl =
  Block[{$DisplayFunction = #1&},
    Plot[Sin[x], {x, 0, 2*Pi}, Frame -> True]]],2];

and then show the plot with the ticks duplicated (for top and right):

Show[pl, FrameTicks -> Join[#1, #1]&[ft]]];

Peter Pein

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