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Re: Import Problem Further Explanation

Hi Benedetto,
with Mathematica version 5.1 without  "ConversionOptions" it seems to work:

fo = {{"aa", 1, 1., "ab"}, {"ba", 2, 2., "bb"}};
Export["Test", fo, "CSV"];
in = Import["Test", "CSV"] // FullForm

List[List["aa", 1, 1.`, "ab"], List["ba", 2, 2.`, "bb"]]

What is the ConversionOptions for?? With it you get the wrong answer

List[List["aa", 1, 1.`, "ab"], List["ba,2,2.,bb"]]


Benedetto Bongiorno wrote:
> To All,
> My apologies for assuming you knew what I was referring to.
> If you Export a list of lists (500x20), that comprises a mix of strings,
> integers and reals, as a "CSV" file and
> then import back nto a note book, it no longer is a 500x20 list of lists. It
> is the non rectangular lis of listsThere are slashes "/" and quotes "{"
> misplaced.
>  Try it on 5.1 and see if you get the same results.
> Export[""Test",fo,"CSV"]];
> fo=Import["'Test"","CSV",ConversionOptions->{"Numeric"->False}];
> Thank You

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