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Re: Re: Mathematica 1

On 11/9/05, Arne Eide <arne.eide at> wrote:
> I have the DOS-version of Mathematica 1.2 and for fun I did try to
> install it on my PC (Wndows XP). It failed to start in the command
> tool, giving this error message:
> "The 386 chip is currently executing in virtual 8086 mode under the control
> of another program.  You must turn off this other program in order
> to use 386|DOS-Extender to run in protected mode."

Windows NT4/2000/XP will not let you have "control" of the processor.
However, it should run on Windows 95/98, I think, or in the "MS-DOS
mode" of Win98.

Another option is running it under DOSBox (free DOS emulator) / MS
Virtual PC / VMware (both commercial "x86 emulator" programs that
allow to run another OS within Windows XP).

I don't know about the Mac version of Mathematica, however.
Thanks/obrigado, Renan "Wishmaster" Birck - Canoas, Rio Grande do Sul, Brasil
MSN: wizard_of_yendor at

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