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MathGroup Archive 2005

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Re: Re: Plot Angle between Vectors

  I'd just like to note that the DrawGraphics packages are now being
sold on Kagi's site for $50 (link from David Park's site as posted
below). Luckily, I got them before this change was made. We might want
to be careful about pointing people there without telling them the
(relatively new) cost. I love the DrawGraphics paradigm, and the things
it makes easier and nice-looking, but there's no way I'd spend the money
for it.

        Curtis O.

G. Raymond Brown wrote:

>Vectors are straightforwardly represented in Mathematica as ordered
>lists, as in vectorA={Ax,Ay,Az}.  If you prefer the notation typically
>used in introductory mathematics and physics courses, you can define
>xhat={1,0,0}, yhat={0,1,0}, etc.  If you know vector components and want
>the angles, it's easy to get them from the definition of the Dot product.
>For drawings of vectors, use the Graphics or Graphics3D functions.  Or,
>you can download David Park's Drawing packages at
> (There's a lot of other good stuff
>there that may help you learn to use Mathematica.)
>Floreian wrote:
>>I am a newbie to Mathematica, and i try to plot two vectors with the
>>angle in-between. I could not find a code how to plot angles at all!
>>Would be great if someone could help! Thanks a lot.

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