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MathGroup Archive 2005

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Re: Re: Re: Plot Angle between Vectors

G. Raymond Brown wrote:

>Thanks.  I was unaware of this change.  Not that I find any fault with
>David regarding it.  He has made an excellent contribution, and it is
>reasonable to me that he no longer make it freely available.  I would be
>willing to pay $50 for the drawing packages, had I not already them in my
>possession (and, no, I _don't_  have money to burn!).  On the other hand,
>I would prefer that it be sold through WRI rather than a 3rd party.  Of
>course, I'm not privy to any negotiations that took place.  I do consider
>WRI a national treasure, and want to feel confident that they have the
>resources to continue to improve Mathematica.  So I would prefer to see
>that they share with authors the revenues from derivative products.  Of
>course, that's only IMHO.
>I will in the future warn folks of the cost before sending them to the
    Agreed. Mr. Park's solutions are invariably helpful and interesting.
If he makes some profit from the Kagi site, more power to him. From what
I've seen, several other people from the list could do analogous
marketing. As for myself, I might be able to afford some of the packages
once I get out of grad. school!

              Curtis O.

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