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Re: Timing loop For !!

and thus spake NGUYEN Quang Tuong [2005.09.03 @ 01:31]:
> Hi,
> I wrote a program in which i used the loop for to store the evaluation 
> of an expression ( in order to reduce the time of calculation ). But my 
> program is until slow. I would like to kwow if we can have another to 
> reduce the time of calculation.

In general, For[], Do[], and While[] loops are slower than their
functional equivalents in Mathematica.  You can probably do what you
want using Map[] and Table[].  Unfortunately the code you gave below 
is incomplete and makes no sense, so it's hard to say for sure.  Try
posting some more specific example code.  Thanks!

>Here in the loop for that i used.
> pmax=10;
> Here TFHbulktotal is a function that is  defined previously. And I'll 
> use Hkptotal[p,q] for the next calculation..
> nbdenormek=30;
> nbdetheta=70;
> normedekmin=0;
> What I must do to replace the two loop For above to reduce the time of 
> calculation ??
> Thanks a lot!

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|    Documentation Programmer    |
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