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Re: true limit of mathematica ? Help me !!!

LumisROB wrote:
> During this calculation:
> m= Table[(i-j)+3.*j^-4 +50*I,{I,1,10000},{j,1,10000}];
> Det[m]
So lets see:
Your Matrix has Complex Numbers, and has 10000^2 entries:

In[10]:= $Version
Out[10]= 5.1 for Linux (January 27, 2005)
In[5]:= MaxMemoryUsed[]
Out[5]= 2218976
In[11]:= ByteCount[3. + I]
Out[11]= 64
In[12]:= 10000^2*ByteCount[3. + I]
Out[12]= 6400000000

So it takes 6400000000 bytes, wich is
6400000 kilobyte or
6400 M
6.4 G

Maybe more, because while calculaten Det[m]
more memory would be needed.
> the kernel has jammed and the following message has been visualized
> No more memory available.
> Mathematica kernel has shut down.
> Is it possible to overcome this obstacle?
> The dimension of the in demand memory is not limited from windows xp
> or my hardware-software' configuratiion, in fact such error also
> happens in xp 64 Bit with Mathematica 5.2 (64 Bit) Athlon 64 2 GB Ram.

First step would be to get more memory ...


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