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[This post has been delayed due to email problems - moderator]

  please help me with this problem
  ai have the next code :    
  a = {{1, 4}, {34, 5}}    
  b = {{12, 4}, {4, 35}}    
  and ai want to obtain a matrix like this:    
  if i use     
  c = {{StringForm["a[[1,1]]+b[[1,1]]"], StringForm["a[[1,2]]+b[[1,2]]"]},    
  i obtain :    
    RowBox[{"(", "\[NoBreak]", GridBox[{    
          {"\<\"a[[1,1]]+b[[1,1]]\"\>", "\<\"a[[1,2]]+b[[1,2]]\"\>"},    
          {"\<\"a[[2,1]]+b[[2,1]]\"\>", "\<\"a[[2,2]]+b[[2,2]]\"\>"}    
          }], "\[NoBreak]", ")"}], TraditionalForm]\)    
  but ai want the numerical values ..    
  thank you verry much     

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