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How do I combine Solve and Maximize?

[This post has been delayed due to email problems - moderator]

I have an objective function with two input variables.  I have created a 
function that maximizes the objective function with respect to one of 
the input variables.  I would like to use Solve[] on this new function, 
but I am having trouble doing this. 

The following is a simple example of my problem:

f[x_,y_]:= -(x-10)^2-(y-10)^2+100  (* Objective Function *)

f1[x_]:= Maximize[{f[x,y],y>0},{y}][[1]]  (* Value of Objective 
Function maximized over all y values, at a specific x value *)

Solve[{f1[x]=A980,x>0},{x}]  (* What values of x causes f1==80 *)

This command produces a number of errors.  Can anyone tell me where my 
error is?


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