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to recover an image using edge integration

Hi to everyone,
i need an help to solve my problem:

1 - I have a 3D image, A;
2 - I calculated the relative 1D invariant image which doesn't have shadows, B;
3- I applyed an edge operator on A (contains shaows) obtaining A1;
4 - I applyed an edge operator on B (shadows-free) obtaining B1;
5 - I comparated edges in the original(A1) and the shadow-free(B1) images identifying those edges which correspond to a shadow;
6 - So now i have an edge map which not contains informations about shadows (C)

I wish to integrate these edge information (C) in order to recover an image which doesn't have shadows (recovering 3 channels (RGB) informations..) 

How can i do it?
Thanks in advance

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