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Problems solving using Solve

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  • Subject: [mg68809] Problems solving using Solve
  • From: "akil" <akomur at>
  • Date: Sat, 19 Aug 2006 00:41:17 -0400 (EDT)
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I have a problem suing the following code:

Cone[beta_, v_,rcAB_,rcCD_,ax_,ay_,cx_,cy_,centerOfMassx_,centerOfMassy_] := 
{betaUsed, vtemp, fx, fy, ex, ey, 
      betaUsed = beta ;
      vtemp = v;
      fline[x_] := Tan[betaUsed]x - Tan[betaUsed]vtemp;
      fx = x /. Solve[fline[x] == cd[x,rcCD,cx,cy], x][[1]];
      fy = cd[fx,rcCD,cx,cy];
      criticalRC = (centerOfMassy - fy)/(centerOfMassx - fx);
      criticalHeight = -criticalRC*fx + fy;
      ex = (-ay + rcAB*ax + criticalHeight)/(rcAB + (-criticalRC));
      ey = ab[ex,rcAB,ax,ay];
      xVerplaatsing = ex - vtemp;
      ePx2Py2 = Sqrt[xVerplaatsing^2 + ey^2];
      waarde = xVerplaatsing/ePx2Py2;

afg = 
TimeConstraint -> 1 ];
Solve[afg== 0, v];

{ax,ay}= {-44.9376, 36.1678} and {cx,cy}= {17.8329, 122.477} and 
{centerOfMassx,centerOfMassy}={-18.6338,72.3356} and rcAB=-0.166667 and 

Doing the Solve[afg== 0, v] takes ages (after an hour I quit it). Is there 
any way I can make it work faster? Is any code in Cone such that it 
unnecessarily makes it run faster? So are there any ways I can try to make 
everything run faster? Using integers it runs, but it takes too long when 
using real cones (made up of four points A B C D and a centerOfMass).


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