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Graphics--If condition in Plot3D?????????

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  • Subject: [mg68982] Graphics--If condition in Plot3D?????????
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  • Date: Sat, 26 Aug 2006 02:04:13 -0400 (EDT)
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Hi All,

I am a stranger to Mathematica. Please help me in resolving my problem

Actually i want to display a 3D plot of an Intensity in a Cylidrical volume. The intensity is calculated as follows.

I=P/2*Pi*r*L .; where P=10.3,L=0.45,r=dist. ,r0=0.025,T=0.9,d=0.1643;

r[xk_, yk_] := (Sqrt[(x - xk)^2 + (y - yk)^2]); 
Intensity[xk_, yk_] := (P/(2*Pi*r[xk, yk]*l))*T^(r[xk, yk] - r0); 
Imoy=[Integrate[Intensity[xk, yk]],{xk, -0.08215,0.08215}, {yk,-0.08215,0.08215}]
Plot3D[If[r[xk,yk]<=d/2 && r[xk,yk]>=r0/2,Intensity[xk, yk]],{xk,-0.08215,0.08215}, {yk, -0.08215,0.08215}]

Then i am getting following warnings: 

1. Plot3D::"plnc" : 

  If[(r[x, y]<=d/2 && r[xk,yk]>=r0/2),I[x, y] is neither a machine-size real number at {x,y}=(-0.058,-0.08215) nor a list of a real number and a valid color directive.
2. General::"stop": Further output of Plot3D :: plnc will be suppressed during this calculation. 
3. Plot3D::"gval": Function value (Null) at grid point xi = 1, yi = 1 is not a real number. 

4. General::"stop": "Further output of Plot3D :: gval will be suppressed during this calculation." 

Is there anything wrong in the syntax or range specification. I am clueless. Please provide me ur valuable suggestions. 

Thanks in advance. 

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