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Re: Re: General--Mathematica and Subversion

>> I thought Workbench was designed to work with Subversion, rather than
>> replace it??
>As said, I haven't tested Wolfram's Workbench.
>It is quite possible that Workbench uses subversion as version control 
>backend, but it might use another system, or make it an option.
>Subversion itself uses two different backends (BerkeleyDB and FSFS
since 2004) 
>leading to architectural choices when implementing what might be
>as a service.
>Since Workbench is Eclipse-based, you must somehow realize the high
degree of  
>modularity for this kind of software application.

We have started to use Workbench for our software development. Workbench
includes CVS support out-of-the-box. Subversion support requires you to
use a plugin - we use Subclipse, which works really well.
(Remember that Workbench is basically Eclipse with a Wolfram wrapper
around it - all the Eclipse plugins should work in Workbench).

I can send round some documentation if anyone wants it.


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