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Re: Sin[30*Degree] vs Sin[29*Degree]


All of them work, you are just getting exact answers. If you request
the numerical values

In[1]:=  Sin[30*Degree] // N
         Sin[31*Degree] // N
         Sin[29*Degree] // N

Out[1]=  0.5
Out[2]=  0.515038
Out[3]=  0.48481


Steven Shippee wrote:
> What is happening here:
> Sin[30*Degree]
> Sin[31*Degree]
> Sin[29*Degree]
> which makes it appear that only the first line of input works?
> However, if I do something like:
> \!\(Sin[\(29*Pi\)\/180. ]\)
> I get the expected result ... I'm sure it is me, what am I missing in that I
> think I am not seeing consistent behavior?
> Thanks in advance,
> Steven Shippee
> slshippee at

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