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Re: Combinatorica parameters

This gets fairly close to what you want. The vertices are painted in the 
background colour (assumed white), and are chosen to be small so that only a 
tiny bit of the arrow heads is painted over.


   VertexColor -> White, VertexStyle -> Disk[Small]]]

Steve Luttrell
West Malvern, UK

"Eep²" <eepNOSPAM at> wrote in message 
news:elu41n$i3$1 at
> How do I get the vertex points removed from a Combinatorica image?
> I've tried this but it doesn't remove the verts:
> ShowGraph[SetGraphOptions[CompleteGraph[20],{VertexStyle->Disk[None]}]
> The manual doesn't go into depth of Combinatorica's options that well... 
> :/

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